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San Diego Union Tribune – Food, water outreach service expands to help more homeless

Gary Warth, writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, writes about how we aren’t slowing our food and water outreach for people experiencing homelessness.

Authority Magazine – Food Deserts: & How We Are Helping

Martita Mestey of Authority Magazine, sat down with Drew Moser to talk about “food deserts” and how we’re helping to address the lack of access to healthy and affordable food options.

What are the reasons for homelessness and what can be done?

For the past few years, the Lucky Duck Foundation has convened San Diego’s universities to focus their efforts on understanding the reasons for homelessness. Here are their findings.

In Memoriam – Father Joe Carroll, Legendary Advocate for Homeless San Dieagans

Lucky Duck Foundation’s statement on the passing of legendary advocate for homeless San Diegans, Father Joe Carroll.

How to Be an LGBTQ Ally

A true LGBTQ ally supports equal civil rights, gender equality, social movements, and challenges homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. To support your position as an ally, we’re dispelling common myths about the LGBTQ community.

Why I Volunteer to End Homelessness

Guest blog by Fred Patterson III, Business Performance Advisor for Insperity and founder of BLSSD. In this post, he shares why he is a volunteer to end homelessness.

Fight Hunger and Homelessness

Your volunteer hours, contributions, and dedication to spreading the word helped us deliver 500,000 meals to fight hunger and homelessness. Learn more about this milestone.

Combating Homelessness and Hunger in San Diego

Fighting homelessness is everyone’s business. Learn about our innovative collaboration with Feeding San Diego and The Salvation Army combating homelessness and hunger in the San Diego region.

Business Sector Takes Action to Support San Diego’s Unsheltered

San Diego’s unsheltered are eating a little better thanks to an innovative collaboration between Jewish Family Services and Del Mar’s Flower Hill Promenade.

Homeless Service Program Outreach Teams Tell Us What They Think

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we launched our Food and Water Delivery initiative. Outreach workers provided valuable feedback on the program thus far.

Here’s to the Good News in 2020

Although 2020 brought many challenges, the year also had several bright spots. These are just few programs that made a positive difference and changed lives this past year.

LDF to Provide Sleeping Bag Coats to Unsheltered San Diegans

The Lucky Duck Foundation recently announced the purchase and distribution of 2,000 EMPWR transformative sleeping bag coats to provide protection unsheltered homeless San Diegans.

Feel Good Stories for the Season of Giving

This season of giving, it is even more important to recognize people making a positive impact. Here area a few of our favorite stories.

Lucky Duck Foundation Distributes its 100,000th Meal

We are excited to announce that over 100,000 meals have been delivered since the May launch of our County-wide effort to distribute food and water to San Diego’s unsheltered homeless population.

Homeless Employment and Jobs Training Programs in Action

Our region-wide homeless employment launched earlier this year. Take a look at a few of people that are being offered a hand up through these programs.

Philanthropists launch countywide drive to feed homeless during pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating new challenges to many homeless people without shelter, the Lucky Duck Foundation and other philanthropists have launched a countywide effort to bring food and water to anyone living in encampments, sidewalks, vehicles or other outdoor places.

Hungry homeless finding it harder to get food during pandemic

Life on the street has become even more challenging for homeless people during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Father Joe’s Villages is among the local nonprofits that have stepped up food programs to try to meet a growing need.

Volunteer for the Food and Water Delivery Program

Our outreach teams are currently looking for volunteers for our new food and water delivery program in San Diego. Together, we can ensure the well-being of our unsheltered neighbors while helping them move from the streets to shelter, housing, and a healthier place in life.

A Homeless Outreach Worker’s Perspective

Michael Joseph, a Homelessness Advisor for Simtech Solutions, has experienced homelessness twice. In this guest post, he shares his experiences in his own words, as a homeless outreach worker delivering food and water to unsheltered San Diegans.

Homelessness & Hunger: One Possible Approach

For most of us, “starving” means we had to rush to work without breakfast, or a short layover between flights left no time for lunch. Hungry, yes. Hopeless, not really. For people experiencing homelessness, it’s a very different story.

New Program to Provide Food and Water to the Unsheltered

The Lucky Duck Foundation launched a County-wide effort to distribute food and water to San Diego’s unsheltered homeless population. Because many community and congregate meal services have ceased due to COVID-19, many individuals experiencing homelessness are struggling to secure food and water.

Unsheltered Mothers Have a Place to Call Home

San Diego has a minimal amount of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) available to mobilize at-risk young women with children experiencing homelessness. To accelerate the need for supportive housing for young mothers and their children, Home Start purchased “The Miracle on 34th Street”.

We Must Shelter San Diego’s Largest Population of Homeless: Our Youth

Fifty percent of chronic homeless adults began their homelessness as youth. In San Diego alone, it is estimated that 1,500 people without shelter are aged 12 to 24. This is simply unacceptable. Read more from LDF Board Members, Peter Seidler and Dan Shea.

Permanent Supportive Housing: A Proven Pathway for the Homeless Population

Public supportive housing not only resolves homelessness and increases housing stability, but also improves health and lowers costs by reducing the use of publicly-funded services.

Funding Support of COVID-19 Tests for Homeless Residents and Staff at the Convention Center

The Lucky Duck Foundation (LDF) funded COVID-19 tests for 1,500 individuals experiencing homelessness at the San Diego Convention Center temporary shelter in partnership with Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD).

Supporting the Homeless During COVID-19

It has been less than a week since the San Diego Convention center opened its doors to more than 350 residents of two homeless bridge shelters. But, the physical move into the Convention Center was only the first step.

The Impact of COVID-19 on San Diego’s Homeless Population

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on San Diego’s homeless is potentially cataclysmic. We continue to advocate for our homeless population. Read more.

COVID-19 Resources and Partners

Following is a list of available resources and partners working tirelessly in response to COVID-19. This page will be updated periodically.

Conversations Make Our Communities Better

The Regional Task Force on the Homeless offered some fantastic tips for maximizing interactions with people experiencing homelessness. You never know what a simple conversation can do.

My 15 Minute Conversation With a Man Named Henry

Lucky Duck Foundation intern, Gabby, shared a recent experience she had after school with a man named Henry. Take a look at her time with Henry and see how a simple conversation can make a difference.

New Region-Wide Homeless Employment and Jobs Training Initiative

The Lucky Duck Foundation announced a $1 million region-wide homeless employment and jobs training initiative that aims to hire and train the homeless and enable them to secure long-term employment.

10 Things You May Not Know About the Lucky Duck Foundation

Take a look into the Lucky Duck Foundation. We’re sharing a little bit about who we are, what we do, what we believe, and the people we do it for.

I Didn’t Ask For Gifts On My Birthday

Lucky Duck Foundation intern, Gabby, shares why she thinks you should start your own birthday fundraiser to help San Diegans homeless community.

Councilmember Chris Ward’s Response to Petition-Signers

Read Councilmember Chris Ward’s response to the individuals that signed the petition urging elected officials to open vacant government-owned buildings.

Lucky Duck Foundation Launches Petition Drive to Urge Local Elected Officials to Utilize Vacant Government-Owned Buildings to Shelter the Homeless.

SAN DIEGO, CA – January 20, 2020: The Lucky Duck Foundation today announced an online petition campaign alongside results of a comprehensive poll it commissioned that revealed public opinion surrounding the City and County’s homelessness crisis.

4 Ways to Help that Don’t Involve Donating Money

Most of us will never know what it’s like to lose our jobs, experience a medical emergency, or another life-altering event that could render you without income or housing stability. For thousands of San Diegans experiencing homelessness, it was an event like this that led their life unsheltered. Have you found yourself thinking of ways to help that don’t involve donating money?

Wheels of Change Testimonials

The Wheels of Change expansion has been incredibly successful. The workers in the second van have already completed clean-up activities in several areas of San Diego. Hear from participants about what the program means to them.

How One Person Broke the Pattern of Youth Homelessness

Without positive intervention, many homeless youths continue the pattern of homelessness into adulthood. No matter the reason for their circumstance, organizations like the San Diego-based Youth Assistance Coalition (YAC) are there to help break the pattern.  

The Private Sector Has a Key Role to Play in Carrying Out the Homelessness Plan

Adopting an action plan to tackle homelessness was the easy part. Now, activating the plan requires consistent funding and participation from all stakeholders in order to be effectively executed. The following OpEd appeared in Voice of San Diego on October 25th, 2019.

How One Van Connects Hundreds of Homeless to Services

When the Lucky Duck Foundation handed over the keys to a new outreach van to Family Health Centers of San Diego, a critical connection was made. Read more about how the donation gave people critical access to services.

Putting a Face to San Diego’s Homeless

San Diego Magazine profiles three bridge shelter residents who share their stories, hopes, and fears with writer Kelly Davis.

Wheels of Change Homeless Employment Program Expands

The Alpha Project and the Lucky Duck Foundation Announce the Expansion of the “Wheels of Change” Homeless Employment Program. The program employs Bridge Shelter residents who clean up City streets while also doing homeless outreach. 

Mental Health and Homelessness: Connecting People to Services

People with poor mental health are more susceptible to the main factors that can lead to homelessness: poverty, isolation from family and community, and personal vulnerability.

Caring for Ebony – A Homeless Animals Story

In this second installment about Helen Woodward Animal Centers’ Pets Without Walls program, a program staff member shares the story of Claire and Ebony and their incredible bond.

Homeless Pets Need Luck (& Love), Too

Furry, friendly, and without conditions, pets are a part of us. Homeless pets included. Read Susan and Sunshine’s story and find out how to help!

5 Unique Challenges Homeless Women Face

We recognize the achievements of our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, and friends and honor the homeless women in our communities. Here are 5 challenges that affect homeless women and tangible ways you can help.

Welcome to our New Executive Director

Help us welcome Drew Moser as the Foundation’s new Executive Director. Moser will implement and expand LDF’s primary areas of focus to help San Diego County’s homeless.

Tuesday Group and LDF Applaud the City’s Use of Golden Hall to Shelter the Homeless

The Mayor’s decision means that Golden Hall will now serve a critical purpose in providing shelter for the homeless women and children displaced from the temporary closure of Father Joe’s Villages bridge shelter.

14 Community Acts of Kindness Guaranteed to Spread Happiness

Every day can be Random Acts of Kindness Day if you choose to make it so. If you’re short on inspiration, peruse our list of 14 community acts of kindness and make a choice to be the light.

3 Ways to Serve San Diego’s Homeless Community

The new year is a great time to set intentions for the year. For those who look to receive through giving, we’ve collected a list of 3 simple ideas for you to help make a positive impact in lifting the dignity of San Diego’s homeless community. …

Packed with Care

Written By Erin Meanley Glenny – Published by SAN DIEGO MAGAZINE. Inside Lucky Duck Foundation’s efforts to distribute backpacks for the homeless. When Pat and Stephanie Kilkenny launched Lucky Duck Foundation in 2005, their goal was to serve everyone in need, from people with disabilities to shelter animals. …

Deborah Norwood Ruane joins Board of Directors

SAN DIEGO, CA (November 1, 2018)— The Lucky Duck Foundation (LDF) announced today the addition of Deborah Norwood Ruane to its Board of Directors. A seasoned real estate professional for over 30 years, Norwood Ruane’s focus and expertise has centered around affordable housing financing and development. …

10th Annual Swing & Soiree grossed nearly $800,000

We are excited to report that the Lucky Duck Foundation’s 10th Annual Swing & Soiree grossed nearly $800,000! Combine that with the more than $400,000 raised between last year’s and this year’s event and you have a record-breaking $1.2 million raised by the Lucky Duck Foundation in one year! …

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“Given the need, we saw it as a long-term program,” [Drew] Moser said, adding that the program’s steady growth has been possible because of the many people who have come forward to help.

“And that’s the beauty of this thing,” he said....

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Thank you Authority Magazine for the opportunity to share what we're doing to address food insecurity.

Make sure to read the whole article so you don't miss the personal tidbits about our Executive Director, Drew Moser.