Corporate Giving

Ways Your Organization Can Get Involved

Why should my organization support community giving and volunteering?

93% of employees believe that companies should lead with purpose, and 71% of employees say it is imperative or very important to work for an organization that is supportive of giving and volunteering. When employees come to work each day, they want to feel like they’re making a difference. Regardless of whether their jobs directly affect those in need, employees take comfort in knowing that the companies they work for use their revenue and team time for good. In fact, 55% of employees even said they would take a lower salary to work for a socially responsible company.

And employees have proven this growing priority through their loyalty: Companies that engage employees in doing good see an average of 57% lower turnover.

Additionally, strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) doesn’t just appeal to employees: 77% of consumers want to purchase from companies with CSR initiatives.

Five ways your organization can give back while strengthening your CSR


  1. Forego your holiday party and donate the money saved instead. As demonstrated through the above stats, employees heavily prioritize companies that are supportive of giving and volunteering. If your organization touts a strong corporate social responsibility, show them your organization puts its money where its mouth is.

  2. Purchase coffee through the Lucky Duck Coffee Club. Your employees already drink coffee (and San Diegans drink an average of 3.9 million cups of coffee a day).
Why not make it count? Through the Lucky Duck Coffee Club, you can purchase exceptionally crafted organic coffee sourced from sustainable farms across the globe, while helping to prevent and reduce homelessness in San Diego County, as 30% of purchases are donated to LDF. The coffee is 100% organic fair-trade coffee from Tower Roasting Co., and bulk discounts are available for organizations. Enjoy premium craft coffee with a purpose.

  3. Sponsor an event. Sponsor an event hosted by a reputable nonprofit organization like the Lucky Duck Foundation, which uses funds raised for homeless shelter beds, job training and employment programs, homeless youth and senior support programs, sleeping bag coats, food & water outreach, and much more. Currently the Lucky Duck Foundation hosts two fundraising events: the “Spring Swing” (golf tournament), which is typically held in April, and the “Showcase Soirée”, an entertaining variety show meant to be unlike any other fundraising event, which is typically held in September.

  4. Volunteer. Encourage and support your employees taking some time out of the work day to volunteer for a reputable nonprofit organization. If your organization wants to take this a step further, like 40% of Fortune 500 companies, you can offer volunteer grant programs (also known as Dollars for Doers). If volunteerism is important to your workforce, be generous with your volunteer grants. By donating when employees spend their time volunteering, these grants turn volunteer hours into impactful financial donations. 80% of companies with volunteer grant programs provide between $8-$15 per hour volunteered. You can check a nonprofit’s reputation by looking it up on Charity Navigator or Candid’s Guidestar Charity CheckThe Lucky Duck Foundation has the maximum score on both platforms: 100% Four-Star Charity on Charity Navigator and Platinum Transparency 2024 seal on Candid. Volunteer opportunities available through LDF include:
    1. Food and Water Initiative – volunteers pack and/or distribute food and water for individuals living on the streets. Volunteers also sort and distribute items like hygiene kits, clothes and sleeping bag coats.
    2. Be A Friend – Impact A Life program – a step by step program designed to train and activate volunteers to positively impact the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness through the power of friendship. Through the Be A Friend program, you will be paired with a friend who is at risk of or experiencing homelessness so that they can feel heard, valued and understood, and through the power of friendship, live a life they desire.

  5. Host a fundraiser. You can host a fundraiser event with proceeds benefiting a nonprofit, such as Renovate San Diego, which hosted a golf tournament in 2023 and donated all proceeds to the Lucky Duck Foundation. “We were thrilled to be able to donate last year,” said Renovate San Diego. “We are gearing up for another golf tournament in August and would love to donate again.” Organizations can also encourage employees to start their own fundraiser to raise money for the nonprofit of their choice.
Renovate San Diego hosted a golf tournament in 2023 and donated the $5,000 in proceeds to LDF.


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