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Bridge Shelters

The Lucky Duck Foundation has purchased and constructed several large industrial tent structures (“bridge shelters”) to quickly and humanely provide shelter to San Diegans experiencing homelessness.

These structures provide shelter for approximately 450 people every night and serve as an immediate pathway off the streets as well as connection to critical and life-saving wraparound services.

Bridge shelters can come online for pennies on the dollar and seconds on the hour compared to the cost of building or acquiring permanent housing. For three consecutive years after bridge shelters were purchased and installed by the Lucky Duck Foundation, unsheltered homelessness decreased by 29% throughout San Diego County.

The most recent bridge shelter provided by the Lucky Duck Foundation opened in the Midway District in Fall 2022 and provides 150 emergency shelter beds for those with behavioral and mental challenges. In April 2024, the Lucky Duck Foundation supported a new safe haven for the Youth Assistance Coalition specifically for homeless youth ages 18-24. This effort adds five critically-needed emergency shelter beds for less than the cost of one government-subsidized hotel room. And, the beds were able to come online within months, as opposed to years or even decades that are required to add housing. 

The Lucky Duck Foundation will continue to encourage the region’s mayors and County Supervisors to add more shelter beds.

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