4 Ways to Help that Don’t Involve Donating Money


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are the lucky ones. We have shelter, food on the table, and a supportive community. Our lives may get hectic or stressful, and things may not always be “perfect,” but we know that our lives are good. Many of us will never know what it’s like to lose our jobs, experience a medical emergency, or another life-altering event that could render you without housing stability. For thousands of San Diegans experiencing homelessness, it was an event like this that led their life unsheltered. Have you found yourself thinking of ways to help that don’t involve donating money?

Check out these easy (and free) ways to help that don’t involve donating money right here in San Diego.


Make Your Voice Heard.

Your voice is an incredibly valuable tool when advocating for people experiencing homelessness. The message behind the saying “if you see something, say something” sums it up perfectly. Earlier this year, we launched a petition urging elected officials to utilize vacant government-owned buildings to shelter the homeless. Alongside the petition, we released poll results that revealed public opinion surrounding the City and County’s homelessness crisis. The poll, commissioned by the Lucky Duck Foundation, found that 86% of registered voters polled believe that the City and 82% believe that the County should play a major role in addressing homelessness in San Diego. The petition drive enabled interested individuals to urge elected officials to do the right thing and open vacant government-owned buildings to provide shelter and critical services for the homeless. While the petition is closed, we encourage you to write or call your elected officials.


Volunteer for WeAllCount.

We All Count is a vital program provided by the Regional Task Force on the Homeless for our community. Through outreach, volunteers canvas the city and endeavor to collect relevant information from those experiencing homelessness through one on one conversations. The data collected and conversations started provide real actionable insights needed to understand how to set better policies, direct funding, and inform the community. Behind each survey is a life with a story that deserves to be told. Your efforts as a volunteer give a voice to the men, women, and children living unsheltered and genuinely make a difference to help end homelessness in San Diego.

The weekend-long event begins at 4 am on the morning of January 23, 2020. The program relies heavily on volunteer efforts. Without compassionate individuals interested in alleviating the suffering of homelessness, we won’t know how best to serve the community. Together, we can make a difference. 

Sign up to volunteer for We All Count: https://sandiego.pointintime.info/

Find other year-round volunteer opportunities: www.sdhomelessnessvolunteernetwork.org


Spread the News About 2-1-1.

Have you found yourself talking to someone in desperate need of help? Whether they help to find affordable housing, addiction services, low or no-cost healthcare, education assistance, or re-entry help for ex-offenders, it can feel paralyzing not to know how to help. Consider 211.org the “one-stop-shop” for connecting those in need with services and resources for all of this and more. Help spread the word that supports for the underserved is just three digits away. Whether by phone or text, dial 2-1-1 to make a life-changing connection. 

Learn more about 2-1-1 by following them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/211help) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/211help) or by visiting their website (http://www.211.org).


Volunteer with Our Partners or Us

If you’re unable to volunteer for WeAllCount or are also looking for year-round volunteer opportunities, our collaborative partners always need a helping hand (or two). Please read up on some of our valued friends like the Alpha Project, Helen Woodward Animal Center, Father Joe’s Villages, Feeding San Diego, and more. Some of these fantastic organizations also offer opportunities for kids and teens. It’s never too early to get people interested in philanthropy. We’ve also recently launched a new initiative delivering food and water to people living unsheltered in San Diego and we could use your help

Find out what volunteer opportunity would be a perfect fit for you: https://dev-luckyduck.pantheonsite.io/volunteer/  or sign up to deliver life-saving food and water: https://dev-luckyduck.pantheonsite.io/news/volunteer-food-and-water-delivery-program/ 


What other ways can you help that don’t involve donating money?

Do you have a great way that you’ve impacted lives? We’d love to hear it. Share your story and this post on your favorite social media channel. Ryan from Smart Parent Advice shared his great idea for donating stuffed animals with us – inspiring us to share our luck![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Makayla Scott

Peer Mentor, Promises2Kids
As an African American first-generation college graduate, I recently earned my Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning Management and Design. Despite facing the challenges of homelessness and balancing motherhood, I have persevered and am committed to using my experiences to advocate for better urban planning and support for vulnerable communities.”