Lucky Duck Foundation’s Giving Tuesday Campaign will raise funds to distribute more than 3,000 Empowerment Plan sleeping bag coats throughout San Diego County


Effort includes dollar-for-dollar matching donations from the San Diego Foundation & San Diego Padres Foundation

The Lucky Duck Foundation’s Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign will raise money to provide more than 3,000 Empowerment Plan coats, which transform into sleeping bags to provide critical protection and warmth from the elements to unsheltered homeless San Diegans. And, every donation will be tripled thanks to matching donations provided by the San Diego Foundation and the San Diego Padres Foundation. The sleeping bag coats will be distributed to unsheltered women, children, and veterans. 

“As winter approaches, these coats immediately benefit those suffering from homelessness by providing warmth and protection from the elements. But these coats and sleeping bags are no substitute for real shelter,” said Drew Moser, Executive Director of the Lucky Duck Foundation. “We call on local elected officials to use vacant and underutilized government buildings for shelter and permanent housing. In the meantime, the least we can do is help alleviate the suffering of homelessness with these coats, and, we thank the San Diego Foundation & the Padres for their significant support.” 

The weather-resistant coats are made by Empowerment Plan, a social enterprise nonprofit based in Detroit that hires homeless parents to do the manufacturing while providing them with case management and other support services. The coats fold out into a sleeping bag, can be worn as a shoulder bag, and are made from recycled and donated materials. Each coat costs $150, meaning every $50 donation will provide one coat after the Padres and San Diego Foundation provide their dollar-for-dollar match.  

“We are pleased to support this critical effort and the work of the Lucky Duck Foundation by matching all Giving Tuesday donations. Homeless is at the top of the list of San Diego’s most pressing social issues. These coats provide lifesaving protection and warmth while our region works on housing availability and affordability,” said Mark Stuart, CEO of the San Diego Foundation. 

“We have great respect for the impactful work of the Lucky Duck Foundation, Home Start, and Veterans Village. We are happy to partner with the Lucky Duck Foundation to provide matching funds and distribute more of these warm coats to women, children, and veterans  suffering from homelessness,” said Tom Seidler, President, Padres Foundation. 

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