Lucky Duck Foundation Announces “Shamrocks & Shipwrecks” Initiative

Program will publicly highlight political will and efficacy for addressing homelessness

The Lucky Duck Foundation today announced a new initiative called “Shamrocks & Shipwrecks” intended to hold regional elected leaders accountable on all issues related to homelessness. The ongoing initiative will publicly highlight political will and efficacy of elected leaders and their jurisdictions when addressing homelessness throughout San
Diego County. The first shamrocks and shipwrecks will be announced December 8.

“Homelessness throughout San Diego County has reached crisis levels. We call on regional elected leaders to take immediate action to shelter and provide critical services to the thousands of unsheltered San Diegans suffering from homelessness. And we are glad to accelerate their efforts by funding a multitude of strategies,” said Drew Moser, Executive Director of the Lucky Duck Foundation. “The level of action must escalate meaningfully and with a sense of urgency.”

The scoring system will be fact-based and is designed to emphasize high-impact programs and tangible action steps as well as call out missed opportunities and inaction of San Diego County’s elected leaders and their jurisdictions. The purpose is to showcase what is working so it can be replicated, and what is not working so it can be corrected or avoided. Strong actions that drive progress will earn “Shamrocks,” while ineffectiveness and inaction will earn “Shipwrecks.”

Particular consideration will be given to tangible action taken to add urgently needed shelter beds; create and implement an annual inclement weather shelter plan; meaningfully address veteran and youth homelessness; and pursue and deploy government funding sources to increase the number of housing opportunities for homeless families.

Additionally, the Lucky Duck Foundation will continue to partner and help accelerate the efforts of regional elected leaders by funding a variety of strategies, including but not limited to underwriting the cost to purchase and construct a bridge shelter to shelter hundreds of individuals; underwriting the cost to purchase pallet homes; helping convert underutilized government-owned properties; and a multitude of other efforts such as food & water outreach, employment and job training opportunities, and more.

The public is encouraged to visit to learn more and recommend which programs and which elected officials should earn a shamrock or a shipwreck.