Here’s to the Good News

Although this last year brought many challenges, there was still plenty of good news. And in our efforts to fund, activate and lead high-impact homelessness programs, we’d like to spotlight a few programs we believe made a positive difference and changed lives this past year.
  • The San Diego Rescue Mission launched Walk With Me, a program funded by a grant from LDF, where volunteers can befriend an individual experiencing homelessness to hear their story, build trust, and support their efforts to end their homelessness.
  • A high school allowed students in need to turn good deeds into payment for groceries.
  • One couple’s canceled wedding ended up providing 200 meals to people in need.
  • Since launching in May, LDF’s food and water initiative has distributed more than 785,000 meals.
  • More than 300 individuals experiencing homelessness participated in LDF’s job training and work opportunity initiative, which has benefited more than a dozen organizations and programs. And, more than 60 participants have secured long-term employment (and growing).
  • In his spare time, a carpenter built mobile shelters for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Project Overlay ramped up its volunteer team to more than double the number of meals it could distribute to individuals living on the streets.
  • Thanks to Aqualia International Foundation, Alliance Healthcare Foundation, Regional Task Force on the Homeless, San Diego Sport Innovators, the Danna Foundation, and several other generous donors, more than 2,000 transformative sleeping bag coats were distributed to people living unsheltered. Our campaign to distribute a total of 4,000 coats continues to gain traction and can be tracked here.
Special thanks to our donors, volunteers, partners, Board of Directors, the Tuesday Group, and YOU for sharing your luck and supporting our mission.
Here’s to many more bright spots!
The Lucky Duck Foundation 🍀
[Featured Image: Kevin M. Marino]