Our Mission:

The Lucky Duck Foundation is committed to immediately alleviating the suffering of homeless individuals and families across San Diego County.

Our Vision:

Through thoughtful collaborations, the Lucky Duck Foundation and the San Diego community aspire to lead the nation in caring for its most vulnerable citizens.

Our Approach:

To confront homelessness, the Lucky Duck Foundation engages in creative fundraising and effective collaborations with service providers, business experts, community leaders, educators, philanthropists and politicians. These efforts, in turn, empower experienced, non-profit service providers to support the homeless with triage, assessment, tracking and transitional services and shelters.

San Diego County’s Homelessness Epidemic

San Diego County has one of the nations’ fastest growing populations, and unfortunately also has a rapidly increasing homeless situation, escalating in 2017 to 5,621 people living on the street unsheltered.  Countywide, there were 9,116 homeless, both sheltered and unsheltered.  Of those, 1,276 were located downtown – a skyrocketing 27% increase, with a 68% increase of street homelessness – tents and hand built structures.  The rapid growth of the homeless population in downtown San Diego has been attributed to many reasons, including being a homeless hub (the regional headquarters for homeless services); the approval of the Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative (Prop. 47); chronic disability; temperate climates, and a shortage of affordable housing. In addition to the high numbers, the homeless situation also has been considered a crisis due to a deadly hepatitis A outbreak.  As of October 2017, there have been 481 cases with 17 deaths. Homelessness is San Diego’s number-one social service issue right now.

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