San Diego County’s Homelessness Epidemic

• More than 5,600 people living on the street unsheltered
• 9,160 homeless countywide, both sheltered and unsheltered
• Including 1,600 members of homeless families with children
• Homeless population in San Diego city and county is the fourth largest in the country

Hepatitis A Outbreak

• The virus already killed 20 people in San Diego in 2017
• More than 560 cases with more than 360 people hospitalized

San Diego County has one of the nations’ fastest growing populations, and unfortunately also has a rapidly increasing homeless situation, escalating in 2017 to 5,621 people living on the street unsheltered.  Countywide, there were 9,116 homeless, both sheltered and unsheltered.  Of those, 1,276 were located downtown – a skyrocketing 27% increase, with a 68% increase of street homelessness – tents and hand built structures.  The rapid growth of the homeless population in downtown San Diego has been attributed to many reasons, including being a homeless hub (the regional headquarters for homeless services); the approval of the Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative (Prop. 47); chronic disability; temperate climates, and a shortage of affordable housing. 

In addition to the high numbers, the homeless situation also has been considered a crisis due to a deadly hepatitis A outbreak.  As of December 2017, there have been more than 560 cases with 20 deaths.

Homelessness is San Diego’s number-one social service issue right now.

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