Since 2005, the Lucky Duck Foundation has successfully raised funds and awareness for various charitable causes. As the achievements of the Lucky Duck Foundation grew, so did its goals. LDF recognized the opportunity to concentrate its efforts in one area to make a more substantial impact. The growing homelessness epidemic in San Diego County led the Lucky Duck Foundation to focus solely on providing aid and relief for individuals and families living on the streets of San Diego County. Since 2017, LDF has concentrated its fundraising efforts on supporting and activating high-impact programs dedicated to alleviating the suffering of homelessness.

Year-round fundraising is crucial to the LDF’s ability to support homeless outreach, advocacy organizations, supportive programs as well as facilitate the purchase of whatever is necessary to lessen the struggles associated with homelessness. For example, the LDF created a homeless employment and jobs training initiative; supported outreach programs linking people to critical services; dedicated resources to actionable research to identify best-in-class strategies; established strategic collaborations to maximize resources, expertise, and outcomes; and more. Additionally, LDF has purchased everything from small daily necessities included in the Community Care Kits to large-scale industrial tent structures that serve as shelters.

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About the Lucky Duck Foundation

Our most vulnerable neighbors need your help.

Our Mission

The Lucky Duck Foundation is committed to alleviating the suffering of San Diego County’s homeless.

Our Vision

Through thoughtful collaborations, we aspire to lead the nation in caring for San Diego’s most vulnerable citizens.

Our Approach

The Lucky Duck Foundation is comprised of a group of business and community leaders dedicated to implementing a facts-based, best-in-class and collaborative approach to address homelessness in San Diego.

To confront homelessness, LDF engages in creative fundraising and productive collaborations with service providers, business experts, community leaders, educators, philanthropists, and politicians. These efforts, in turn, raise awareness and empower experienced non-profit service providers to support the homeless with triage, assessment, tracking, and transitional services and shelters.

A Successful Proposal – Temporary Bridge Shelters

The Lucky Duck Foundation supports temporary “bridge” shelters, proposed by two board members, San Diego Padres managing partner, Peter Seidler, and restaurateur Dan Shea.
LDF’s approach has been to make an earnest effort to provide support and foster positive housing outcomes in the form of temporary housing. The bridge shelters provide a safe environment with access to healthcare, mental healthcare, dental care, food, and basic hygiene. Residents can stay up to 120 days and are given, when appropriate, job training, housing assistance, transitional support as they move from homelessness back into society.

In early December of 2017, the first bridge shelter at 16th Street and Newton Avenue opened, serving 350 single adults. The first of its kind in San Diego County, the shelter has bathrooms, showers, 24-hour security and wireless internet, a vital tool for its residents to connect with services and get and maintain employment. The non-profit Alpha Project manages this shelter and employs caseworkers and health professionals to serve the residents.

The second tent shelter for San Diego’s homeless neighbors opened its doors in late December of 2017. Operated by Veterans Village of San Diego, it is located at Sports Arena Boulevard in the Midway District. The shelter offers temporary residence to up to 200 homeless veterans with services necessary for daily living in an effort for them to transition to permanent housing.

A third tent shelter opened in January of 2018 in a gated lot behind Father Joe’s Villages in downtown San Diego. This facility provides shelter and other basic services for up to 150 women and children. As part of a collaborative effort, LDF successfully coordinated the move of this shelter to a temporary facility at Golden Hall while a new, permanent facility for women and children is constructed. As temporary housing is still critically needed, LDF is working with the city to procure a new site for the bridge shelter.

As part of LDF’s efforts, we are continually evaluating the needs of the homeless community as well as potential opportunities for future shelters in the county.