Statement Urging Regional Leaders to Quickly Develop a Plan for Adding Winter Shelter Beds throughout San Diego


Homelessness has been on a tragic and horrifying rise throughout the region. According to the Downtown San Diego Partnership, there were more than 1,000 unsheltered homeless individuals downtown in May for the first time since the Hepatitis-A outbreak in 2017. Additionally, this count shockingly exceeded 1,000 individuals for four consecutive months from May through August.

As such, the Lucky Duck Foundation and Tuesday Group, in partnership with every San Diego company listed below, call on Mayor Todd Gloria, the San Diego Housing Commission, all City Councilpersons, and the County of San Diego to quickly develop a plan for adding winter shelter beds throughout San Diego County.

A record amount of government funding currently exists, which should be quickly deployed to address this critical need. Additionally, several vacant and underutilized government properties exist, which would have a much higher and better use if they were converted to shelters. This strategy has been overwhelmingly endorsed by voters as well as Mayor Gloria.

We call on the City, County, and San Diego Housing Commission to take the critically necessary action of developing a plan to add inclement weather shelters throughout the region. We also call on these entities to identify one government property that can be quickly converted to a shelter.

While we urge our political and housing leaders to act, the Lucky Duck Foundation, with the support of all companies listed below, commit to distributing at least 2,000 Empowerment Plan winter coats to unsheltered homeless individuals. These coats are manufactured by homeless parents and transform into sleeping bags to provide reprieve and protection from the elements. It is the least we can do while we encourage our elected leaders to act.

Additionally, if the winter shelter plan is timely and practical, the Lucky Duck Foundation will consider loaning our massive industrial tent structure to the City or County. This structure can be erected quickly to provide critical shelter and services for hundreds of individuals.

Homelessness continues to be our region’s top priority. It is time our political and housing leaders treat it as such by taking swift action to alleviate the suffering of homelessness – for the individuals, families, seniors, Veterans and youth suffering on the streets and for all community members impacted by this tragic state of circumstances.

The following support this message and call on the region’s elected leaders to act:

1. Gall Hale RBC Wealth Management

2. K2

3. Infinium Spirits

4. First Capital

5. Panish Shea & Boyle

6. Aim Loan

7. Dos Gringos

8. Surf Cup Sports

9. Tyson Mendes

10. Jack McGrory & Una Davis

11. SDG&E

12. Cox

13. Roth Capital Partners

14. Danna Foundation

15. Sharp

16. Cal B&T

17. Align General

18. AMR

19. ACE

20. Bentley & More LLP

21. The Shipyard


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