New Program Encourages Youth Volunteerism



We are excited to announce a new youth volunteerism initiative – empowering youth to make a difference in their communities. Our new youth-led movement, the “Lucky Ducklings”, is intended to inspire and motivate youth to alleviate the suffering of homelessness throughout San Diego County.” Lucky Ducklings is made up of community-focused youth who are committed to advancing our mission and positively impact the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Although Lucky Ducklings is involved in many areas of homelessness, there is a particular focus on supporting homeless youth. 

Lucky Ducklings participants will volunteer, fundraise, and learn about homelessness, philanthropy, and giving back to their communities. Thus far, more than sixty-five youth from six schools throughout San Diego County are active in the program and have logged more than 200 volunteer hours. We plan to add a significant number of students, sports teams, religious groups, clubs, and youth organizations.


Encouraging Meaningful Interactions through Youth Volunteerism 

“We are very excited to support and encourage the efforts of local youth in playing a constructive role in alleviating the suffering of homelessness,” said Drew Moser, our Executive Director. “We will provide Lucky Ducklings participants with guidance, resources, and learning opportunities, and then encourage them to develop their own programs to make a meaningful difference addressing homelessness in their own distinct and creative ways.”

Lucky Ducklings participants will have opportunities to volunteer monthly, facilitate youth-led homelessness symposiums, create their own initiatives and programs, create, and implement online fundraising campaigns, and collect and share success stories on social media to help raise awareness and gain a deeper understanding of how their efforts positively impacted individuals experiencing homelessness.

Additionally, the Lucky Ducklings and LDF have partnered with Kids4Community, a local nonprofit organization run by kids for kids, which was founded by Kenan Pala, a Lucky Ducklings participant, advisory board chairperson, and rising Senior at Francis Parker. “I believe the youth of San Diego County can have a massive positive impact on our community. I applaud the LDF for taking the initiative to not only shift the focus on youth homelessness but youth engagement,” Pala said. “We are very excited to be a part of this new Lucky Ducklings movement and look forward to enacting meaningful social reformation.

Schools, sports groups, churches, temples, and other youth organizations are encouraged to participate in the Lucky Ducklings program. Though the primary age is high school students, middle school youth are welcome to participate.

To learn more about the Lucky Ducklings and get involved, please visit our Lucky Ducklings sign-up page. And please, share the opportunity with passionate, community-minded youth. We look forward to growing this program with you!