How We Shared Our Luck in 2021

As we look back on 2021, we thank each of our donors for helping us fund, activate and lead high-impact programs to alleviate the suffering of homelessness throughout San Diego County. And, we’d like to spotlight a few of these programs. In no particular order, we…
  • Committed $1 million to the San Diego Rescue Mission to add more than 200 shelter beds in Oceanside and National City.
  • Invested another $1 million to extend and expand our region-wide employment and job training program.
  • Created the “Fr. Joe Hustler of the Year” award, recognized Heather Lezon of the Youth Assistance Coalition (YAC), and provided YAC with a $250,000 contribution so YAC could more than triple the number of homeless youth they serve.
  • Eclipsed 1 million meals distributed through our food water outreach initiative since the beginning of the pandemic in partnership with the Aqualia International Foundation, LTD.
  • Distributed 2,000 Empowerment Plan sleeping bag coats while calling on elected leaders to develop an inclement weather shelter plan.
  • Provided funding to help homeless youth quickly move in to hotels and cover start-up costs not immediately covered by government resources. Additionally, we provided funding so that homeless youth could quickly connect to mental health services as the number of requests for mental health services among youth has skyrocketed as a result of the pandemic.
  • Launched “Lucky Ducklings,” a youth-led movement to alleviate the suffering of homelessness. More than 150 students have already volunteered more than 500 hours and created more than 1,000 cards which will be included with the food & water and Empowerment Plan coats.
  • Convened San Diego‘s research institutions to focus their research efforts and funded 8 research projects looking into the myriad of issues surrounding homelessness including Nimbyism, stigmatization, affordable housing, access to services, and more.
  • Hosted eight homeless symposiums to instigate collaboration and progress. Topics included affordable housing, youth and foster homelessness, accessing underutilized government-owned properties, accessing state funding, employment opportunities, and more.
  • Met & strategized weekly via the Tuesday Group. This group of business leaders and homelessness experts, led by Peter Seidler and Dan Shea, has not missed a Tuesday Group meeting since forming more than 5 years ago – including Christmas & New Year’s Day – and is more committed than ever to accelerating progress.
And Lucky Duck Foundation co-founders Pat & Stephanie Kilkenny increased their dollar-for-dollar match to $1.5 million per year.
Sincerest thanks to all who shared their luck to make these efforts possible.
We wish you good health, prosperity and fulfillment in 2022.
Watch our 2021 recap video: