• Pat Kilkenny, Chairman of the Board

    “To quote my dear friend Bill Walton, “I am the luckiest man in the world!” I have been blessed with a loving family, devoted friends & dedicated business associates. I…Read More

  • Bob Kimmel

    “After years of knowing and working with the Kilkennys in a corporate and friendship capacity, I was honored when asked to join the Lucky Duck Board. My wife and I…Read More

  • Jason Levin

    “I started my business with a buck, a business partner and four team members. Now 20+ years later I have over 400 team members, no business partner, and a couple of bucks.…Read More

  • Brian Panish

    “I am truly honored to serve on the Lucky Duck Foundation Board of Directors. The work the Kilkennys have done in the community is extraordinary. Their passion and devotion to giving…Read More

  • Peter Seidler

    “There are lots of statistics on the homeless, these are not statistics they are human beings. We believe that San Diego County should aspire to deliver the best-in-class effort to address…Read More

  • Dan Shea

    “I am honored to be a part of this group that raises foundational and community awareness. The Kilkennys have built a philanthropic foundation that I am proud and “lucky” to…Read More

  • Kieran Sweeney

    “When I worked with Pat Kilkenny years ago, he said to me that ”it’s a lot harder to ask for someone’s time or money for a worthwhile cause than it…Read More

  • Dana Pump

    “I started out 25 years ago with my twin brother, David, and a basketball. The business eventually evolved into a marketing agency that lead us to some of the most…Read More

  • Stephanie Kilkenny, C.E.O.

    “I love being a member of the Lucky Duck team! It’s how I “share the luck” that I have been so blessed with in my life. It’s hard work putting…Read More

  • Deborah Norwood Ruane

    “Joining the board of directors of Lucky Duck Foundation is another chapter of my career-long commitment to the issue of affordable housing.” Deborah Norwood Ruane is the President and founder of…Read More