Why We Do What We Do

  • We believe in the critical importance of a warm bed and a roof over one’s head.
  • We believe in caring for and helping San Diego’s most vulnerable citizens who want to help themselves.
  • We believe LDF can be a catalyst for best-in-class collaborations and programs that produce meaningful results.
  • We believe that helping the homeless is not a team approach; it is a team of teams approach whereby each organization executes on their respective mission while sharing one common vision, which is to be a national leader on addressing homelessness.
  • We believe a customized housing-first approach with the support of temporary bridge shelters is not only the most humane and effective way to help San Diego’s most vulnerable citizens, it is also the most economic approach, and shown to be the most successful strategy.

Board of Directors

Executive Team

Tuesday Group

Many members of LDF’s Board of Director participate in the “Tuesday Group,” a group of fact-based business and civic leaders committed to leading San Diego to “best practices” in all areas of homelessness. The Tuesday Group convenes weekly in Peter Seidler’s office to discuss best-in-class strategies and action-steps for improving the San Diego Region’s homeless situation.